Sea Sponges

Sponges are sustainably harvested, totally natural, and come from the ocean. They once moved in sync with the moon and the tides, our cycles also sync with the moon.

They are super soft and already feel like the inside of the vagina. This makes sponges sex friendly! You can run them under warm water before putting them in, which feels far less harsh than a dry wad of cotton. They also fit to the unique internal landscapes of the body.

They're great for the environment! By using sponges you reduce the amount of trash in our landfills and oceans. Sponges are also COMPOSTABLE, returning to the earth.


Sea Sponge Ritual Moon Kit

An ecological and healthy alternative to

commercial disposable products.



What's In A Kit?

We include everything you need to get started with using sponges:

Two sponges, each one can last 3-9 cycles

A small vial of organic tea tree oil which can be used to clean sponges between cycles

Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm


The most important thing about using sponges is the hygiene of both hands and the sponge. Before you receive your sponges, they have been sanitized with organic tea tree oil. So there's no need to clean them before using, unless of course you want to! If you have an allergy or strong preference against tea tree oil, please let us know & we will disinfect your sponges with peroxide instead. When you begin to bleed and are ready to use your sea sponge, follow the directions.

sponge how to image.png

Some Tips

1) Be sure that the sponge is pushed up/back far enough, so that it can absorb properly. If the sponge is too low, you may experience leakage.

2) When the sponge has filled, use your fingers to pull it out.  If this feels new or difficult at first- don't worry- there's nowhere for the sponge to actually go (it can't get lost). Just relax, breathe, push, and your sponge will come out as you use your fingers to reach for it.  If you are worried about getting it out, you can sew a string or unflavored dental floss into it.