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Seashell Cloth Pad ~ Reusable ~ Light to Medium Flow

Seashell Cloth Pad ~ Reusable ~ Light to Medium Flow


Reusable pads and menstrual products can save you hundreds of dollars & spare landfills heaps of rayon/cotton...all because we are taking a little more time and care with how we relate to our bodies. It's worth it, and it really feels SO SO much better to have soft cloth on your skin/vag than to have that crunchy synthetic material disposable pads are made of. 

This pad is made of cotton on the exterior and has two layers of absorbent bamboo fleece on the inside. Handmade in Grass Valley, CA by a women-owned and operated business ~ measuring about 8"-9" long. Snaps hold it together. 

Caring for cloth pads is really easy. You can hand-wash with some soap OR throw it in the washing machine. Air-drying is best for preserving the pad's lifespan but either way, this should last you many cycles and years of bleeding. 

**Although the fabric has been pre-washed, expect your pad to shrink a bit in the first few washes.

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