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Florida Sea Wool Bath/Body Sponge

Florida Sea Wool Bath/Body Sponge

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Take your bathing experience to the next level of self-love with this soft, wooly sponge companion. These are also really great for babies and little ones.

Sea sponges are hypo-allergenic, good for the environment, and contain enzymes that prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. They are easy to clean and a wonderful way to give yourself some extra love and care during your bathing rituals. Our sponges are always harvested sustainably in the US- meaning they are cut from the top growth and divers rotate areas where harvesting. This sponge measures about 6-7" for the large size and 3-4" for the medium (facial) size.

Rinse it out with soap after using and leave in a clean place to dry. Proper care will keep this bath sponge lasting for years.

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