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Rosewater Mood Lift Spray

Rosewater Mood Lift Spray


A spray to help with some self check-in/self-care…I first started using this A LOT after a surgery I underwent 5+ years ago, and it was one thing that really made a difference in my emotional and mental state/healing as my body was doing it’s own deep work. Now I keep this with me almost at all times. If my mind starts spinning or if I’m irritated, I reset with some sprays around my face, head, neck.

The ingredients are simple: organic rose hydrosol, organic witch hazel, organic aloe, and a few drops of organic clary sage and rose geranium. Wha la! If you’re local, you can come and refill, or refill with your own magical ingredients.

Until I make this on a larger scale, you’ll be getting handmade labels <3

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