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Ritual Sponge Kit with Salted Caramels

Ritual Sponge Kit with Salted Caramels

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Our ritual sponge kit just got a tasty re-boot, thanks to SF-based Eye of the Avocado's delicious beet dyed salted caramels. Each caramel contains a pressed edible flower (nasturtium, marigold, or rose) and two caramels come in each kit. Caramels are made with organic cream, kerrygold butter, organic sugar cane, fruit sugar, vanilla, beet juice, maldon sea salt. Flowers: edible flowers, sugar, egg white.

Each kit includes:

+ Two sustainably-harvested sea sponges from the coast of Greece
+ A US made cotton bag to hold the sponges
+ Our Antispasmodic Balm for for kickin' cramps! Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm is listed with more details in our shop** The recipe emerged as a result of Daniela's horrible cramps and Janeen brewing up this mix to calm them. It actually worked, and it works for a lot of other kinds of cramps
+ Two caramels

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