Respect Boundaries Automatic Knife

Respect Boundaries Automatic Knife


Whether you're harvesting your favorite plant or taking a stroll through your neighborhood, a good knife is always something good to have on hand. I love the ones I've carried, and now this is my go-to. All you have to do is hold it in your hand and you'll experience why.

Janeen (Shop owner at Holy Sponge) designed this knife & partners with ProTech, who manufactures them. This is the Runt model, with an abalone release button. It's a California legal automatic with a 1.94" black stainless steel blade and has the plant, yarrow, & "respect boundaries" engraved on the handle. Yarrow is a plant that supports all kinda boundary-makin' work. 

About ProTech: 

 ProTech Knives are highly respected in the world of high-end knives. All parts are made in the US. I took a tour of the facility in Artesia, CA and the owner showed me every step of the process. Even the machines they use are made in the US.

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