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Raw Silk Plant Dyed Skincare Cloths

Raw Silk Plant Dyed Skincare Cloths


Small batch plant-dyed raw silk face cloths for gentle exfoliation & botanical beauty, sewn and dyed in Nevada City, CA. Each cloth is a different shade, ranging from softer to deeper shades and each measures approximately 9x9” with rounded edges. These may fade or change color over time/use, and you can re-dye them yourself if you want to re-invigorate the fabric with plant color/medicine.

+Madder root (peachy/pink/salmon shades): Madder has been used for a long time to help calm irritated skin. It’s astringent properties meet the gentle exfoliation of raw silk to add some plant-love to your nighttime skincare routine. Harvested in Nevada County, CA.

+Marigold/turmeric (deep and soft yellows): These two plants team up to reduce inflammation and support healing of irritation and rashes. Turmeric can positively affect tissue and collagen. Marigold harvested locally from First Rain Farm.

+Hibiscus flowers (shades of purple): Rich in antioxidants, hibiscus helps fight skin-damaging free radicals which spawn when pollutants such as ultraviolet radiation and traffic pollution. Please note that this color will fade into a shade of gray over time. Locally Harvested in Nevada City, CA

+Oak/Madrone Bark: Astringent, antiseptic, rich in tannins and soothing, aromatic ~ shades of brown, tan and some pinks can emerge too. See last photo for the color range…

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