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Produce/Bulk Market Tie Bag

Produce/Bulk Market Tie Bag

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On the quest to reduce plastic use, one area to do this while shopping is not only to bring a large tote to put it all, but ALSO these little bags are super helpful for bulk items by weight- nuts, fruit, loose greens, grains, etc. If something spills, you can easily wash these and get them back in the tote for trips to the grocery store/local co-op.

The medium size is about 11-13” across and the larger size is more like 16” across, if you are loading up on a bunch of lettuce or larger items.

These are priced for the time spent sewing (US wages) and this cotton fabric is upcycled, so harmful dyes have been washed away a long time ago. I washed it on hot before sewing these up.

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