Postpartum Care Gift Set

Postpartum Care Gift Set


:::Support for fantastic birthing bodies:::

Treat yourself or a new parent with this combination of radical self-care goods...All handmade in Grass Valley, CA by a woman-owned, woman-run business that supports folks in caring for their bodies and the earth at the same time.


* "Holy Sitz" Postpartum Bath herbal blend containing 2 ounces of healing plants & sea salts, a US made unbleached muslin bag (to spare you extra bath cleanup). Also includes instructions for ways to use. More details below.

* Two Long and Wide Indigo hand-dyed | hand-sewn organic cloth pads. Cloth pads can be soaked in the Holy Sitz herbs, frozen and worn to help with cooling and healing. Or they can simply be worn to collect postpartum shedding.

*Organic Cotton Jersey Mushroom Pad

*Large Natural BATH Sea Sponge sustainably harvested in the USA under marine conservation laws. For taking into your bath with or without your little one.


Wild Pacific Coast Yarrow & Plantain are blended together with organic: Chamomile, Calendula, Sage, Lavender, Comfrey & Sea Salt. An unbleached, US-made reusable muslin bag is wrapped into the bag so you can pack the desired amount into it & avoid a mess in the bath drain.

Some ways you can use these sitz herbs:

*Shake up your bag to distribute salt with dry herbs*

1. For a BATH: Full tub with hot water at least to hip level & dunk muslin bag filled with desired amount of herbs in water. When the temp is right for you, soak for at least 20 minutes with or without your babe. If you have new stitches, limit to once/day.

2. For a PERI-BOTTLE: Add herbs to fresh water, heat and simmer 10-15 minutes. Strain and let cool. Add to a peri-bottle and use while going to the bathroom.

3. For a COLD COMPRESS: After brewing, let cool. Add cloth pads to soak up the healing tea. Place pads in a bowl and freeze. The contour of the bowl will freeze the pads to fit your perineum and soothe sore spots through the day.

Ideal for side-sleepers and back sleepers, this pad has a little extra side coverage, extending like a butterfly while you sleep.

The top fabric is a thick 100% ORGANIC US MADE Cotton Jersey hand dyed by Janeen. We love this fabric! It's soft and durable. The interior is made of unbleached bamboo fleece and unbleached hemp fleece. The bottom is a solid flannel. Snaps hold it together.

Measurements: 11" top to bottom; 7" from snap extensions; 3" at the top width and 4.5" at bottom with wings.

Hand-washing or gentle/cold cycles are recommended for cleaning. Air dry in the sun or beside a wood stove :)

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