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Nut Milk / Herb Straining Cloth 100% Organic Cotton

Nut Milk / Herb Straining Cloth 100% Organic Cotton

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Straining cloths made with 100% Double Cotton Gauze, stitched together to prevent fraying while cleaning. These cloths are wonderful for straining nut milks, oat milk, herbs, and anything you’d normally use cheesecloth for- except this bag should last you many more uses than cheesecloth. I use one for straining herbal oils (and dedicate that cloth for oils only), one for nut milks, and one for tinctures. Approximate Size: 14”x14”

Simply rinse with warm or hot water and let dry between uses.

I started making and using these when I noticed the containers our coconut milk come in, and how many are hitting the trash can per week. Making your own milks is very easy ~ I recommend checking out Zero Waste Chef and the recipes/DIY tricks she is offering. The coconut milk recipe I use is 2 cups organic shredded coconut from the bulk section, 4 cups of water, a little salt and a little vanilla. If you have a good blender, you can put it all in together for a few minutes and strain in the cloth. Or, you can boil water and pour it through the shredded coconut, strain, and then add desired additional ingredients (salt &/or vanilla or whatever else you want).


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