Mugwort + Indigo Eye Pillow

Mugwort + Indigo Eye Pillow


Mugwort and Indigo seem like they were destined to team up~~ both dreamy, watery energies that play with our unconscious desires. Artemis, the moon, the softer side yet also fully fierce, fully empowered. I love working with mugwort when working with dreams. If you are someone who has a hard time recollecting dreams, this is a good plant to spend time with. With that said, mugwort can animate and sometimes intensify dreams. Use this eye pillow when looking for nighttime adventures.

Avoid mugwort during pregnancy.

*Freeze if you want a cooling experience. Do not microwave.

*Hand-sewn and dyed in Grass Valley, CA

On harvesting:

I respectfully harvest from a stand of mugwort that land management cuts down to prevent fires every year. I’m also growing some of my own to eventually only use homegrown plants. As I deepen my relationship with plants, I find it important to share that not all plants are growing for anyone to take, let alone sell. I believe plants carry medicine for us, and if we seek to honor them and be in relationship with them, it means tending the land, caring for the indigenous people of the land (reparations), and being sensitive to know when/if to harvest.

Dye Pattern:
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