Mugwort and Cedar Anointing Oil ~ Small Seasonal Batch

Mugwort and Cedar Anointing Oil ~ Small Seasonal Batch


Mugwort ~ Artemis ~ Dreams ~ Rivers ~ Streams

Cedar ~ Grounding ~ Holds root systems together ~ Earth

This small batch roll-on anointing oil blends watery mugwort with grounding cedar. I harvested these within a mile of where I live in Grass Valley, CA. These are plants I tend to, make offerings to, and listen to before harvesting. Both carry a potency that I find illuminating for dreams and grounding for the dreamer.

This oil comes in a .33 oz roll on glass vial, and the oils used for the infusion are organic olive coconut oil. If you are looking to work with these plants, infused oil can be a great way to tap into their wisdom. This oil does not have any additional essential oils or fragrances, so if you are looking for a scent, this is not your oil. Infused oils are made by placing the plants in the oil for 4-8 weeks and then the oil is strained. The essence, scent, and qualities of the plants are carried in the oil.

And because this is made in small batches, the labels are handwritten, attached with good ole' scotch tape :)

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