Long and Wide Indigo-Dyed Night Pad ::: Organic

Long and Wide Indigo-Dyed Night Pad ::: Organic


Reusable pads and menstrual products can save you hundreds of dollars (that would otherwise go to corporate-owned corporations) AND spare landfills heaps of rayon/cotton...all because we are taking a little more time and care with how we relate to our bodies. It's worth it, and it really feels SO SO much better to have soft cloth on your skin/vag than to have that crunchy weird-o material disposable pads are made of.

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Ideal for side-sleepers and back sleepers, this pad has a little extra side coverage, extending like a butterfly while you sleep. Once again (like the cramp balm) this was inspired by my partner, who asked for this specific size, shape and thickness.

The top fabric is a thick 100% ORGANIC US MADE Cotton Jersey hand dyed by Janeen. We love this fabric most of all. It's soft and durable. The interior is made of unbleached bamboo fleece and unbleached hemp fleece. The bottom is a solid flannel. Snaps hold it together.

Measurements: 11" top to bottom; 7" from snap extensions; 3" at the top width and 4.5" at bottom with wings.

Hand-washing or gentle/cold cycles are recommended for cleaning. Air dry in the sun or beside a wood stove :) The indigo dye will may continue to rinse out each time your wash.

***Please note that each pad is handmade, unique and may have imperfections. Each indigo dye batch varies, so your pad may be a different shade of indigo than photographed. ***

Handmade in Grass Valley, CA by a women-owned and operated business.

*Although the fabric has been pre-washed, expect your pad to shrink a bit in the first few washes.

This pad is also great for post-menstrual babes who may need some backup for incontinence.

*This listing is for a single pad.

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