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Cramp Roll Oil Vegan-Friendly

Cramp Roll Oil Vegan-Friendly


Who would think that something topical could really help cramps? I didn't! I grew up depending on painkillers to address serious menstrual pain, and then after overhauling a lot of habits when I hit 30, I turned to natural remedies instead.

The recipe was inspired by my partner, who made my cramps look like a day at the beach. She used to have to spend at least one day/month completely out of commission because of cramps and she had tried EVERYTHING.

I was working at an herb shop and thought "What the heck, I'll mix up some antispasmodic herbs and oils and see what happens- It can't hurt." Taking some of the beautiful herbs that help cramps as a tea/tincture (motherwort, crampbark, raspberry leaf, ginger, rosehips, and more), I mixed them into a concoction to gather their energy, made a wish, and then added essential oils that relieve tight muscles. A dash of arnica infused oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin e, and wha la!

Here's the best part: IT WORKED for my partner. As soon as the cramps started to flare up, she laid down and massaged the potion into her womb/lower abdomen and THEY WENT AWAY. So, tested and approved by one serious cramping babe. I was skeptical of my own creation, but the topical application is the real deal.

Since releasing the our Cramp Balm (also in our shop), dozens of folks have told us how effective it was for them. My partner and I have been using this oil and find it just as effective and sometimes even more fast-acting than the solid balm.

***This rollerball .33 oz oil is vegan-friendly*** It’s perfect if you live in a warm/hot climate and are worried about a solid balm getting goopy. This oil will holdup well in heat.

*All ingredients are organic

*Jam packed with essential oils!

Pregnant or nursing women and babies/children under the age of 3 should not use this product.. Please consult your health care provider before using herbs and oils. Certain essential oils can be harmful during pregnancy and can even cause early labor. Please consult a health care provider before use of any products for any severe problems.

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