CRAMP CARE Hot/Cold Rice Packs

CRAMP CARE Hot/Cold Rice Packs


Rice packs! These can be so helpful when in pain, whether you're icing it for a bruise or heating it up to calm your cramps. We recommend adding Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm and/or our vegan roll on Cramp Oil to combine with your rice pack. The heated rice pack can double its power when you rub cramp balm or oil on and then lay the pack across your area of pain.

All fabric options have been pre-washed and are 100% cotton. You can select whether you'd like the Blue Zodiac Print, Red/Purple Glitter Cosmos or the Skull/Roses Print when you check out. Measures 8x9" and filled with non-GMO rice.

Sewn and made in Northern California by a woman-owned and operated business. This listing includes one rice pack. Cramp balm or oil must be purchased separately.

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