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2018 Moon Calendar

2018 Moon Calendar


Chart the phases of the moon next year with our 2018 lunar calendar designed by our NY-based artist and friend, Alma Reyes Evans of Ursa Wild Design.

Eye for Vision
Hand for Action/Activism
Tears for Shedding what Needs Grieving
Blood for Shedding what Seeds Shedding
Element of Fire
Medicine and Magick of Belladonna
Delta Symbol for Change
Sunflower Mandala for Joy

It's printed on heavy recycled matte kraft paper in size of 12x12.
If you are a person who menstruates, it's easy to use a color marker to track your cycle each month.
This calendar is based on the northern hemisphere.

*Ships in thick flat envelope with tracking for US orders.

Feel free to contact us for large orders and/or wholesale inquiries.

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About Moon Calendars:
Lunar Calendars show what phase the moon is in every day of the year, so the idea is that you can chart your menstrual cycle (or other life cycles) with the moon, which is on a 28 day cycle like a menstrual cycle. Before the age of electricity, people bled with the new moon and ovulated with the full moon. Every body is unique and the lunar calendar is simply a tool that can work for anyone to notice how these (all) cycles are interrelated as our ancestors did.

The new moon, or the dark moon, is symbolic of new soil- a time to plant seeds and intentions for the 28 day cycle ahead, and as the moon grows (waxes), the seeds grow and our intentions begin to manifest in some way.

The full moon represents the fullness or completion of whatever was planted during the new moon- a time to celebrate or notice what has peaked. As the moon wanes and her light diminishes, the cycle comes to a close and we let go of the current cycle to prepare for the next. Our ancestors have used the moon as a guide in this way for thousands of years.

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