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2016 Lunar Calendar

2016 Lunar Calendar


Chart the phases of the moon next year with this gorgeous piece of art made by our NY-based designer, Alma Reyes Evans of Ursa Wild Design.

Printed on 111 lb. brown recycled matte paper in size of 11x12. This calendar is based on the northern hemisphere.

*Ships in thick flat envelope with tracking for US orders.

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About Moon Calendars:
Lunar Calendars show what phase the moon is in every day of the year, so the idea is that you can chart your menstrual cycle (or other life cycles) with the moon, which is on a 28 day cycle like a menstrual cycle. Before the age of electricity, people bled with the new moon and ovulated with the full moon. Every body is unique and the lunar calendar is simply a tool that can work for anyone to notice how these (all) cycles are interrelated as our ancestors did.

The new moon, or the dark moon, is symbolic of new soil- a time to plant seeds and intentions for the 28 day cycle ahead, and as the moon grows (waxes), the seeds grow and our intentions begin to manifest in some way. The full moon represents the fullness or completion of whatever was planted during the new moon- a time to celebrate or notice what has peaked. As the moon wanes and her light diminishes, the cycle comes to a close and we let go of the current cycle to prepare for the next. Our ancestors have used the moon as a guide in this way for thousands of years.

Alma, our artist, wrote this about her choice in imagery for this year's calendar:

"The moth and the serpent: intuitive wisdom & regeneration.

Luna Moth: a theme that continually came up for me this year was the idea of trusting the intuitive voice within. I would move from a place of strong connection to a deeper level of knowing in me to moments of self-doubt and looking outward for answers. Each time I honored my intuition, I found beautiful confirmation and ever-growing confidence. I asked the Universe for a symbol to remind me to trust the wisdom within above the din of the world around me. Not long after, I stepped outside my front door to find two beautiful, perfectly intact Luna Moth wings placed as if they had be arranged for my discovery (in fact, at first I thought my partner left them for me!). The wings moved me and I felt there was meaning in them for me. After some digging i learned that they, among many things, represent: rebirth, transformation, trusting the inner voice, psychic wisdom, the unseen or shadowy parts, heightened awareness, ascension to highest self, and of course, being guided by the moon.

Serpent: Snakes have been a love of mine since childhood. I had many as pets and would even let them swim around in the bath tub with me! In the creation story of my Christian upbringing, the serpent symbolized evil and tempted the first woman, Eve, to ruin a perfect world. Yikes.
Years later, as a feminist and pagan, i discovered a very different significance. The serpent, among many things, represents wisdom, rebirth, healing and regeneration. As the snake sheds it's skin and reemerges renewed, I sought and cherished that process time and again.

In combination: the idea of the potentially dangerous serpent encircling (protecting) the delicate moth appealed to me. Our inner voices can be fragile at times and snuffed out/silenced if we do not protect them. I also liked the idea of the serpent representing the element of earth and the moth representing air. I thought of the serpent as a grounding power to the heady air element. Lastly, it clicked later that I am an air sign and my daughter is an earth sign which was fitting as much of my journey this year was stepping into my own as a new mother.

This duo felt very personal to me (indeed, it's my next tattoo) until I sat outside beginning to sketch the calendar. These two simply wanted to take their place in the center of the moons. I realized their medicine and message is something I wished to impart to all who brought the calendar into their lives. My wish for you is that 2016 is a year of courageously and unapologetically tuning into the wise voice of your Luna Moth intuition, trusting and saying yes to its call, and reveling in the wild serpentine rebirth(s) that follow.


*Holy Sponge! celebrates bleeding bodies and we are focused on menstrual activism, but please know that we also celebrate non-bleeders too and love when they use moon calendars to chart their life cycles as well. Tibetan Buddhists believe that the white moon is associated with masculinity/male aspects. The power of the moon is big and beautiful for all.

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