Holy Sponge!


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Although Janeen studied and got her undergrad degree in business, she never felt aligned with the models presented. As she began to decolonize her education, she realized that what felt wrong was essentially Capitalism: take-at-any-cost, get the most “bang for your buck” (ever think about that phrase…pretty twisted), and models of limitless growth. This is not the way of caring for the earth or our communities near and far. This is the european white settler colonial way. Proceeding in this way will destroy everything.

So, we forge a new path, a path that doesn’t measure growth according to sales or limitless growth. If a business model were shaped around principles from Adrienne Maree Brown’s Emergent Strategy, that would be the shape we are looking for. We are figuring it out as we go, and here is some of it:

  1. Sourcing matters. From the sponges to the fabric to the herbs to the packaging to the muslin bags, it all matters. We do our best to research all parties involved in crafting what we offer.

  2. NO: Animal testing/any ingredients involved in animal testing, palm oil, parabens, toxins! For body products, everything is organic.

  3. YES: Fair wages, supportive working conditions, people working within their strengths, reasonable production and shipping times. If you are used to Amazon’s click and ship instant service, please consider re-thinking the long term effects of their model and how it impacts those working at minimum wage with maximum expectations.

  4. A commitment to the ongoing work of examining and dismantling ALL SYSTEMS OF OPPRESSION, which live within all of us. A commitment to speaking up, speaking out, making mistakes, being held accountable, apologizing when needed, understanding that intent isn’t important when your impact is harmful, and making spaces that are accessible for all people, all bodies, all abilities.

  5. Donations: We donate as we are able to people who would not otherwise have access to reusable and ethical mxnstrual products.