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Hello & Welcome!

This is our new website (!!!) created and designed by Daniela Fernandez of MamaWolf Designs. She is a vital part of Holy Sponge (check out her bio in the About section) & we are so grateful that she shares her skills with us. She also revamped our Cramp Balm labels recently! If you need help with your own products, designs or website, you can contact her at mamawolfdesigns@gmail.com or find her on Instagram.

Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm

Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm

Since launching this new site, we have some news to share…

  • We MOVED! Although we loved living in the charming coastal town of Point Arena, CA, our health was struggling in the damp weather so we moved inland to Grass Valley- this part of California is referred to as Gold Country. We are in the midst of getting settled now and we apologize if your orders are not shipping as quickly as normal. They’ll still be on time but please message us if you need an order bumped up to the front of the line.
  • Sponges and more will now be available online at Big Cartel in addition to Etsy. This platform is more supportive of independent artists and makers.
  • My (Janeen) aunt and mentor is now a part of the Holy Sponge maker team! A long-time Bay area ceramic artist, art teacher, and environmental art professor, “Judith” Singer is making a Collection of Porcelain Pussy Chalices. We love them as altar pieces, sponge holders, herb containers, & more…Check them out on Instagram- we will be auctioning them through the Fall.AST HSPussy Chalices
  • Damn Bloody Rite: A Periodic Rag Mag Issue II has been on hold through this very busy year, but we are turning our attention back to it. The theme for the next issue is High Priestess. If you have a submission, there is still time to get it to us! Email us at helloholysponge@gmail.com to get your bloody work in.

high priestess

  • Our workshops at The Women’s Center for Creative Work/Otherwild (LA) and Homestead Apothecary (Oakland) were successful and inspiring- we loved meeting folks! And!!!…Kiran Gandhi Skyped into the LA workshop to tell us about her choice to free bleed while running the London Marathon. What a badass BABE! We loved dialoguing with her and all of the attendees; we feel so honored to share these events and we look forward to more opportunities to Spread the Sponge. And speaking of that- check out this new project we are working on.

Look out soon for more updates and Bleed On!

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