Diary of a Sponge User

11 June 2015,   By ,   1 Comments

Day 1 with my Holy Sponge

by Allegra Lucas

This morning I woke up and went to bathroom and discovered my first blood for the month. I reached over and put in a tampon by force of habit…It was dry, uncomfortable, too absorbent for what my body was releasing and then I realized…wait this month I am switching to Holy Sponge!
I was running late for work and worried that I would not have enough time to prepare the sponge…Not enough time for my womb!!! I used the water boiled for my tea to wash my sponge, I added a few drops of tea tree oil, brushed my teeth and fixed my hair…then it was time to try the sponge.
The insertion was gentle and soft. Once it was in I felt nothing, it felt like a part of me. I appreciated not having an irritating string hanging out of me.

Through out the day I noticed a few sensations…coughing and sneezing are really fun with the holy sponge! I could feel the sponge squeeze, it was nice to know that the sponge moves with my body versus the rigid resistance of the evil tampon.

When I went to the bathroom, to my surprise there was absolutely no spotting!

I ran 3.5 miles today in my holy sponge and when I felt I needed to change it I just pulled it out, rinsed it out and popped it back in!!! Holy Sponge I think I’m in love!

I felt like a goddess, much more in alignment with the elements and with nature. Using the sponge inspires a certain honor and reverence for a sacred bodily event that should be revered rather than dreaded and feared.

I have five more days in my cycle but I am pretty sure that I’m a convert.

Thank You Holy Sponge for reminding me of my sacred rite.

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    You know what, I’m very much inecinld to agree.

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