About holy Sponge!

HS! is a queer, lady-owned business based at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the belly of Gold Country. First and foremost: we believe women and bleeding folks deserve safe choices.

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Janeen: Owner, Maker, & Creative Fire.

This whole thing began when Janeen was moving from the east coast to the west during her Saturn Return and thinking heavily on her relationship with Self & nature- which included how she disposed of waste. Namely, tampons… toxic commercial tampons going into landfills, full of chemicals and blood (two things that do not belong together). She happened to pick up the book Cunt by Inga Muscio, read about sea sponges for menstruation, and could not wait to get her hands on some- being equally intrigued and terrified at the thought of using them as blood collectors. Upon making it to the Bay Area, she picked up a set of sponges and fell in love with using them- to the extent that she was telling everyone she knew about sponges. If they were even slightly interested- she made them a version of what is now our Moon Ritual Kit.

Most of us have spent a good part of our lives absorbing shameful messages about our blood and our bodies- not to mention absorbing all the toxic chemicals contained in commercial disposable fem-care products. It’s time for more choices! Choices that are kind to the body and kind to the earth. As menstrual activists, we see our work as both 1) Providing an alternative to toxic commercial disposable products 2) Providing information & resources to women and people who bleed. If you would like us to teach a workshop in your space, please get in touch with us- we love to Spread the Sponge!

Holy Sponge! also has a team of commissioned makers and activists because it’s our belief that there’s some REAL magic in the collaboration that happens among fierce bleedin’ babes who support one another! Meet our team of bleeders…

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Daniela, resident magician with her bag o’ tricks is our Research, Education, and Workshop Lady. She also designed this website and the Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm logo.


Alma is a badass mama, activist, and artist living in the woods of upstate New York. She’s putting her ink into designing our 2016 Lunar Calendar. She also designed 2013 & 2014.